I just need to whine.

Take it with a grain of salt and let me relish in self pitty, just for a moment.

I took 4 hyperactive, well, 3 hyperactive and 1 calm spirit (Valentine) to the vet to get all four their health certs to take their trip to Maine, plus my two children, (which the vet would not give me a health certificate for.).

Getting them out of the car, two take off (the dogs, not my children . . . well, yet any way).


One with a leash, and one without a leash.

Do they stop?

Oh no.

They run.

And run.

And run.


But nonetheless, they ran.

And ran.

And ran.

My 7 year old Asperger child is screaming and running after them.

My 6 year old emotional child is running so fast after them I don’t know WHICH direction they event went!

Meanwhile, I’m DRAGGIN two other pups TRYING to not fall between them switching in and out of my legs!

After catching them, and walking forever back to the vet, Valentine . . . . my sweet, sweet Valentine who NEVER does anything wrong, chews through her leash inside the vets waiting room.

This old lady has her dog running around, which Valentine decides to pounce on to play with, I then entangle this sweet old lady with the other THREE dog leashes and catch her amongst all the chaos!

FINALLY!  Two hours later I am home.

The puppies have survived this horrific ordeal and are sleep after being fed and given cold water.

The pinched nerve in my back is killing me.

When I got up this morning, I had a gut feeling to cancel that dag-gum appointment.  Should have followed that instinct!

Only two of the pups received health certificates.

Will have to take them back next weeek to see if their heat rash is clearned up to get them on the June 15th trip to Maine.

Now, I feel better.

Thanks for letting me, whine.