Today we said farewell to our precious Zoe.

This picture was taken right after Zoe came home from beating parvo!  She was soooo tiny!  Notice the white on her chest makes a cross.  🙂
 Kaitlyn and Christopher saying bye to Zoe 🙂  I laughed cause usually it is one of them with their eyes closed, but this time it was the dog!  LOL!

 Being a foster mommy to puppies . . . . so rewarding!
 Zoe gives lots and lots of kisses!  
 She knows she’s leaving us . . . . 

BUT . . . . . God answered our prayers for her, that He would bring her the perfect mommy, and He did!!

 Look at that smile on her mommy’s face 🙂
 Zoe went crazy EVERY TIME her new mommy came to visit!  It was the most precious experience to see Zoe recognize the sound of her car and her voice, even after the first visit!  Brought tears to my eyes every time!
 Zoe saying bye to Max, her brother, that also beat parvo!
We fall in love with each puppy we foster.  Each one truly is unique.  While saying bye is tough, knowing the roll we played in saving their lives is more rewarding than words can speak.
If you are interested in fostering or adopting any animals, please feel free to contact me, or you can find SouthBARK Animal Rescue on facebook.