Since taking Christopher off many of his meds, he has become VERY clingy and “wanting me,” ALL the time.

I was complaining about it just last night, and this morning received this text from a friend:

My three year old was on my heels no matter where I went. Whenever I stopped to do something & turned back around, I would trip over him.  I Patiently suggested fun activities to keep him occupied. But he simply Smiled an innocent Smile & said, “Oh that’s alright Mommy, I’d rather be here with you.” Then he continued to bounce Happily along behind me.  After stepping on his toes for the fifth time, I began to lose Patience. When I asked him why he was acting this way, he looked up at me with sweet green eyes & said, “well Mommy, my teacher told me to walk in JESUS’ Footstep! I can’t see HIM, so I’m walking in yours!” 

“Oh Lord, may I walk in your steps so close that all my children see is you.  Amen.”