This morning I put the second to last roll of t.p. out.

My first instinct was to worry; but since the Lord has been growing my faith and proven his faithfulness time and time again, I took that stinkin thinkin thought captive and claimed victory, “nope, not gonna worry about that!” and went on my way.

After Kaitlyn’s t-ball game this morning, I had a sweet text from a friend asking if we had a “wish list.”  I was confused, thinking she meant for the animals, but she was asking for us.

I told her no wish list, that we are practical and that toiletries are always a need.

She then asked the question that brought on the tears.  “Do you need sheets?”

I’ve been praying for sheets since December.  

We have had one set of sheets for nineteen months.  The elastic has been out of them for months now and they have those nasty furber things on them from where they’ve been warn out.  BUT, they were sheets and there are many in this world that don’t even have that, so who am I to complain?!

BUT, today, the Lord not only answered a prayer request of mine for sheets, but he also supplied the toiletries and cleaners that are used daily in most homes.

Philippians 4:19 says, “And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.”

While each of our needs are different, each of our needs are real.

The scriptures tell us in Luke 16:10,  that IF we are faithful in little things, we will be faithful in large ones. But if we are dishonest in little things, we won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.

While that scripture I just referred to is speaking about money, the Lord showed me recently, that for my life, it is much more.

Several weeks ago I had the honor of cleaning a friend’s house.  While cleaning the house, I became emotional over how trusted I had become; so much to be allowed into an individuals home, not only while they aren’t there, but to “clean their homes.”  To be able to see a side of them that few are privileged to see!

It was then, in the quietness of the home, that The Father spoke.

He reminded me of a painful time in my life.

A time when a woman abused me.

She was perfect to so many, but she was a cruel, evil person.  She would spank me daily.  She would make me help prepare meals for the family and then send me to my room.  Sometimes I was allowed to eat, and sometimes not.  When I was allowed to eat, a tray was brought to my bed room door.  When my father would leave at 5 a.m. for work, she would wake me at 5:05 to begin my chores before leaving for school.  It was my  job to clean the pool, and pull weeds.  Daily.  Pantry doors would be locked to keep me from eating.  Lunch money was never given.  I stayed hungry.  I began stealing and eating out of trash cans.

I was 12 years old.

Dad traveled a lot with for the Corps and was unaware of the abuse that took place until after their divorce.  I never spoke up because I was a liar and a thief; nothing I could have said would have mattered at that time in my life.

While the few months I lived with her was very painful, and forgiveness didn’t come until some time after my sobriety, there is a skill I learned from her, that I use when I have the privilege of helping a friend; she taught me how to clean.  πŸ™‚

While Genesis 50:20 was a VERY important part of my recovery from alcohol and anger, it took on a new meaning that morning while cleaning my friend’s house.

God showed me, that the abuse I received from her, while “she meant it for evil, God meant it for good” in order for me to be trusted with much!

If I had never been through the abuse by her hand, I would have never learned to clean and do the details I am good at, which means I would not have had the odd jobs here and there that the Lord used to help make ends meet, which means I would not have been trusted in the way in which I’ve been trusted to come into homes and see the personal side.  

The real side.  

The vulnerable side.  

The side that lets me see their dirty toilets and trusts that what I see, I will never disclose.  

Wow!  What an honor.  

I, my friend, have been entrusted with much.

My heart is in awe at the relationship this young girl has brought into our home.  I look forward to hearing from her weekly.  My children adore her.  She has become a light and a touch from heaven that I can not put on paper . . . . . well, you know what I mean.  πŸ™‚

I don’t know why I felt led to share about my step-mom’s abuse today.  I don’t know if any of this flows or even connects right, but I hope that someone out there that is reading this needs to know, God has a plan.

Here me and here me well, it is NOT God’s plan for people to be abused.  That is evil.  But God can take ANY situation, and make it good.  I’m living proof.  IF He will do it for a wretch like me, He will do it for anyone.

Maybe you are reading this and you don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus, or maybe you do, but its been a long time since you’ve bowed your head and given him praise; oh my friend, do it today.

Do it right now.

“Father in Heaven, I come to you praising you for who you are.  I praise you for taking the painful events in my life and making them well.  I praise you for healing my heart and restoring my heart.  Oh God, please forgive me when I doubt, or speak or act in any way that does not bring glory to  you.  Father I pray for the person reading this right now.  Father God I ask for healing to take place in their hearts.  God, in your word you tell us that YOU are the healer of the broken hearted!  Bind up their wounds oh God!  God I pray for restoration of families.  I pray for men to step up and be the spiritual leaders of their home.  I pray for wives to love their husband’s and children as You would have us love Lord.  I thank you for the times when you have carried me.  I thank you for loving me.  I pray for the ones that are reading this right now that do not know you as Lord.  Father God, give them the courage to speak up.  Change our lives for eternity God.  May I not wake tomorrow, the same as I am today.  In Jesus mighty, powerful, holy name I pray, Amen.”

Oh, and one more thing, my step-mom used to call me “Lacey Stacey.”  I live on “Lacey Circle.”  The title of my book I’m writing,it’s called, “Pullin’ Weeds.”  

God has a sense of humor.  He brings a smile to my face.  I can face anything with Him, and through Him.