When I get to heaven, I have many questions to ask God.  One of them being, “What’s up with the fleas?!”  (Of course, I know, that when I get to heaven, I will no longer care about the flea!”

My point, the fleas are driving me nuts, but that has nothing to do with the cuteness of my boy that I just had to share!

Anyway, I got some flea stuff for the yard.

Have to get as man leaves up as possible.  Um, hello.  Have you SEEN my yard!?!

Chris is studying for exams this week, so out I go . . . blower in hand to try and conquer this leaf filled yard.

I told Christopher, “Christopher, I’ll give you a penny for every stick you pick up!”  Yes, I am cheap; but I’m poor so I have to be! lol!  He gets excited cause there are LOTS of sticks.

A few minutes later, this cute little boy walks up to me, grinnin’ from ear to ear.

He then raises his hands in the air and says, “Mommy, you know; a LOT of those sticks have limbs on them . . . .”  Me, “Yeah, I know.”  Christopher, “Well, you know, I could get a LOT more pennies if I break all those limbs off!” Christopher, “BIG GRIN.”

I just love him 🙂