Just seconds ago, we experienced yet another miracle.

I got online to check my emails.

There was a direct deposit to our account!

I freaked.

As I quickly log in to my account because “this must be a mistake,” my heart took a leap of thankfulness!

While we did not receive a return from the IRS this year, we did receive my ex-husband’s income tax return!

Even though Kayla is over the age of 18, has moved out AND is married; because Kayla’s father is $23,000 in the rears in back child support; we will continue to receive his income tax return until his debt is paid in pull!

We received enough to keep our Internet on for Chris’ schooling and Christopher’s homeschooling, pay the current water bill and a portion of next months mortgage!

Now, to wait in anticipation of how He is going to meet the need of the remainder of the mortgage and the property taxes!