I think it is time I learn more about government/politics.

Our “system” is so backwards and non-working it is ridiculous.

I just received a phone call from Department of Children & Families.

At our last review, in January, for food stamps, they said my husband was an “ineligible student” because he was not working 20 hours a week; EVEN THOUGH our church provided a beautiful letter stating he was volunteering his time and has been for over 12 months.  He has been doing computer repair, weekly updates and designs on the web site, and more recently volunteering with sound and video.  Our food stamps were cut by $200.   (The requirements for food stamps, for full time college student receiving food stamps is working 20 hours a week.  We did not know that as he had been receiving assistance prior to this last review.  Something changed in the last year; but that has yet to be explained to us.)

When he was hired two weeks ago through Pensacola State College’s work study program to work in the library, I reported the change.

I just got a call from Children & Families wanting to know when MY SON moved in and started working!

I said, “The change I reported was not for my son, he has lived with us since he was born!  My husband is Christopher Alan and my SON is Christopher Paul!  My SON is only 7 years old!  LOOK AT THE DATE OF BIRTHS!”  She said, “Oh.  At the last review, they switched relationships with names.  That is why your husband was labeled an “ineligible student.”

In order for us to be credited the last four months of shortages I have to file an appeal.

That will take months she said.

I know many of you reading this post are anit-welfare.  I get that.  I have many issues with the system we fall under, and I am a recipient.  Please do not walk away thinking I am all for, “take from the rich and give to the poor.”

I believe in taking care of our own, but more importantly, when God tells us to do something, I believe we need to do it.  I also know, that IF God didn’t want this shortage to happen, then it wouldn’t have happened.  Good will come from this; it might have already, I just haven’t been privied to seeing it.

My point is, educated people are being kicked out of government jobs to hire uneducated people that can’t follow direction and are causing more issues for those in need.

Our system is designed to keep you on the system.

Yes, you read that correctly.

We chose to not receive cash assistance when Chris lost his job because I was homeschooling Christopher.

God confirmed over and over, that homeschooling Christopher was what was best for him.

In order for us to receive cash assistance, I would have to give that up.

We prayed about it, and believed by turning down the cash, that God would honor our obedience in the decision to homeschooling Christopher.

{Here me and here me loud and clear!  GOD has supplied our EVERY NEED these last 20 months!  He has used food stamps, food pantries, local agencies, churches, friends and friends that blessed without knowing why.  

God, and only God, will continue to meet every need that comes before us until we get back on track.

I love seeing the very hand of God supplying for us on a day to day basis.  IF He had supplied for the entire 20 months in advance, we, I, would have taken for granted His sovereignty, His grace, His power, His infiniteness, His love, His aweness.}

There are people on cash assistance this very day that are not required to jump through the many hoops we were being required to make.

I also know that individuals that receive cash, food stamps and Medicaid are paid more than the average person working a 9 to 5 job.

If a person is on welfare, they actually take a reduction in pay to get off “the system.”

There is something wrong with this picture.

Yes, I am having one of those moments where I wish, oh how I wish, I had studied and finished college!  Oh the impact I could have had.

For now, I will write letters, file appeals, and speak up for the few of us that are on the system, that don’t try to “get something for nothing.”

Thanks for letting me rant.