I purchased Young Living Essential Oils last year; and never followed through with them.

At one of Christopher’s doctor appointments two weeks ago, I was told Christopher would have to be hospitalized because of his aggressions.  The very conversation and the psychiatrists “jerkiness” sent Christopher into full body tics.  It was a horrible day.  To say the least, we are not going back to see him.

For two of the main medications Christopher takes, the number one side effect is aggression.  It was suggested that he be taken off the ADHD medication he was on and if that didn’t help, put him back on it and reduce the mood stabilizer.

After two days, we saw no change in the aggression from taking him off the ADHD med.

I decided to break out the oils and “just give it a shot.”

I had nothing else to lose.

I could not believe it.

Christopher was calm, and even focused.

Was he perfect, absolutely not.

Did he have bouts of bouncing off the walls?  Absolutely.  But he was manageable, and what was even more comforting was he wanted to try them and I was not giving him a medication, that while it is great, has potentially dangerous side effects!

After 48 hours off of Focalin, I reduced his mood stabilizer medication, Abilify, from 10 mg to 5 mg.  It takes approximately six days to get the medication out of his system; but I began using every oil I had as intervention.

I found that Christopher needed the oil application about three times a day.  Once in the morning, once around 1:30 and then again at bedtime.  Christopher NEVER sleeps all night long, he is not only waking up less, but he is sleeping longer since I started applying the oils to him at bedtime!

Out of the blue, Kaitlyn asked if she could give it a try again!  I couldn’t believe it!  The last time I put the oils on her she coughed, cried, freaked out on me because of her sensory issues!  While it does “bother” her, she has been a trooper with letting me apply the oils to her.  She only requires one application a day and that has been at night.  She sleeps so much better with the oil applications!

When I ran out of the Lavender (that is one that I have personally used to get me off of Xanax!  We were all three using it.  I used it nightly for sleep and as needed during times of high anxiety and was using it on Christopher 3 x’s a day and Kaitlyn every evening.), with finances being very tight and no income at all; I decided to reduce the amount of application to once a day to try making the oils last.  Oh my gosh, I saw the difference immediately!  Christopher stopped sleeping again and was crabby when he woke up!  Nightmare!  Last night I put oils back on him, and while he did wake up twice, he slept harder and longer, AND woke up in a much better mood!

If anyone is interested, I have been using Peace & CalmingFrankincenseValorThievesNutmegLavender, Di-Gize and Peppermint.

These oils are fairly pricey.  When I purchased them last year, I purchased them as a set and signed up as a distributor, so I paid a fraction of the cost for each of these individually.  My hopes are to SOON set up my web site and sell these oils that have changed our lives.

I hope in the coming weeks to have Christopher completely off the Abilify.

Please join me in praying that the Lord would meet the needs to purchase the oils necessary for my son, and daughter’s, well being!

IF you are interested in trying any of these oils, or any other products offered by Young Living Essential Oils, you can email me.  If I don’t know the answer, I will find out!

Thanks for stopping by today!