I have so missed blogging and promise to get back to it! 

It has been a whirlwind around here the last four weeks!

Kayla was home visiting for two weeks, kids had therapy appointments, and we started our THIRD set of rescue pups!   SouthBARK has been FANTASTIC at providing financially for these pups and continue to take care of Momma Dog’s expenses as well.  She had to have emergency surgery for a rotten uterus while Kayla was here also!  Then we had another pup with a hernia the size of a golf ball that had to have emergency surgery this last week and NOW, we have two precious puppies with the dreaded Parvo.  I am praying the other five do not catch it. 

I hated to see Kayla go, but I know she will come back when she can.  She calls regularly and texting is always a plus!  She has an interview tomorrow for a job; please pray for her that the Lord would have His way.

Christopher developed full body tics last week; horrible to see it.  We believe they were triggered by a very bad emotional and embarrassing experience that morning; won’t get in to it, but it was devastating for my little guy.  Because of Christopher’s aggression issues, we are weaning him off of several of his meds.  The number one side effect on all of his meds is aggression.  We are weaning him because they are unfortunately addictive drugs.  We are trying some natural oil supplements that I purchased last year and never did anything with; I will share more about that later, but am trusting the Lord will provide for them.  Insurance doesn’t cover them, and lets face it, we are below the poverty level with no income for 19 months now.

Several people have asked me about my involvement, or lack of recently, in Nothing Lost Outreach.  For months God allowed me to be an active part of providing clothing for the homeless.  When my daughter’s sensory and anxiety problems became more and more of an issue, I had to make some cuts.  My prayer began that God would show me what to cut and what to keep and grace to walk through the tough choices.  Not only did He make it clear that I needed to reduce my AVON customer load, but that my time at home was what was needed.  My first thought, well, argument with God was, “I am home SIX days a week, what’s the BIG DEAL about Sunday afternoons!”  So I went in disobedience.  My heart wanted to be there so bad, that I disobeyed God and put others before my family.  My heart still yearns to be involved; and while I don’t have a huge room full of clothes for the homeless anymore, I do still have items on hand to distribute when I can, and still play an active roll in praying for this phenomenal ministry.  I do not know why God put this ministry on my heart, just to yank it out from under me, but what I do know, is that God gives us scriptural references that our priorities are to be Him, family, and then others.  My family needs me more than anything right now, so my hope, my prayer, is that God would honor this momma’s heart in trying to be obedient to the calling He has given me, my family.

Thanks for stopping by today, and will add lots of pics soon!

OH!  OH!  OH!   My sister had her babies also!  She had them while Kayla was here!  They were four weeks EARLY, but are wonderful and are ALL HOME NOW!  I am adding a picture of her with both babies!

Congratulations to my beautiful, beautiful sister, Michelle, and brother in law, Ron on the birth of these beautiful baby girls!