Kayla Visits From San Diego!

My daughter told me Friday she might be able to come home while Jacob is on two weeks of pre-deployment exercises.

Sunday she calls and confirms.

While she was bumped on Monday’s flight; she was still able to be home Tuesday morning. 

We didn’t tell the kids, or anyone else for that fact, just in case it fell through.

Tuesday morning, I sent Kaitlyn to school, as usual.  I then told Christopher we were going to the airport for a field trip.

The following are two videos.  The first one is of Christopher realizing why we were REALLY at the airport and the second one, is of Kaitlyn being checked out from school. 

I wish I had started recording Kaitlyn a few seconds earlier.  As she was walking down the hallway, she (Kaitlyn and I), made eye contact.  She then began throwing her hands in the air, mouthing, “What are you doing?  What are you doing?  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”
She then opens the door . . . . 

Yes, we are thrilled to have Kayla for two weeks!

Please be praying for Jacob while he is in training.


. .

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