For the last eleven days, we have had the joy of fostering a momma dog and her eleven puppies.
Momma Dog was found wandering some one’s property.  She had been wandering for thirty days. 

I do not know when she had her puppies; but I know this past Friday, the 17th they were 5 weeks old.

She was in the Mobile County Animal Shelter for 30 days.

When she was in the shelter, she was thin.  When she left the shelter after those 30 days, she was emaciated.

She, and her puppies were due to be euthanized on Thursday, February 16th, at 4:00 if they were not adopted/rescued by someone, or an agency.

We love dogs and want one desperately, especially for Christopher. 

We have researched and heard how dogs are calming for children with Asperger’s; so we have remained optimistic for a pup when employment comes our way. 

I received a link to “Momma Dog” from a friend that knows how desperately we want a dog. The link took us to SouthBARK Animal Rescue.

After a few quick emails explaining our financial situation, and how we would love to help but that we are not able to accept the financial responsibility of a dog, it was done.

Momma Dog, “January” and her eleven puppies were at our house by 1:00 on Friday afternoon.


Not sure why this is posting sideways, it’s upright in my files; nonetheless, the purpose of this particular picture is for you to see the puncture wounds on the sides of her spine.  There are at least four of them.  There are also two scars around her neck from a chain that was embedded.  This pup has been through hell; yet she has the sweetest temperament.

This picture shows pure exhaustion on this momma dog’s face. 

She slept for four hours πŸ˜‰

Momma Dog has taken a likin’ to my husband πŸ˜‰

He’s hooked πŸ˜‰

Momma Dog has made herself at home πŸ˜‰

The puppies left us Monday morning at 5:50.  😦 
While we have missed them, I know they are in good hands! 
They were delivered safely to Puppy Pleaser’s in Orlando.  SO, if you are in the Orlando area, and are looking for a puppy; I can assure you, these eleven puppies are precious!  Our hearts melted over the baby runt, that we called Natalie.  We almost lost her when momma stopped nursing.  She’s a fighter and a lover though!  We are very thankful for Safe Harbor Animal Hospital going above and beyond to see her through!

Overall, our first fur-fostering experience was a great success!  Having puppy breath to greet us every morning was precious!  It was worth all the poop and pee that came with ELEVEN puppies!

Momma Dog is still at our home.  While she is much better than she was, she is still a sick puppy.  She had kennel cough (which she is still being treated for), has a uterine infection from afterbirth that has not passed and also will be getting treated for heart worms. 

She has become VERY protective of our family!  We have four cats.  She has done GREAT with two of the cats, but has tried to chow down on the other two on a regular basis.  To say the least, we do not leave them alone together!
I will update more on Momma Dog!  Below is a picture from today.  She is curled up on the couch, but she has put on several pounds in the last many days!
OH, in case you are wondering, SouthBark carries all the financial burdens of their animals.  I have added a ticker to the top left of my blog for anyone that is interested in donating to help cover the expenses of Momma Dog and her pups.  They acquired several vet bills while here.  As I mentioned earlier, Momma Dog has many more visits yet to come.  Pray about your part.  $1 makes a huge difference in this agency! 
Thanks for stopping by today! 

P.S.  I have been trying to post this blog for several days; but have been having blogger problems I guess?  Nonetheless, today we picked up our second set of puppies to foster!  We have four more puppies for the next few weeks!  I will post pics when I get a chance!