Yes, if we are on “friends” on facebook, then you know what this blog post is about . . . . my boy!

UpWard Sports is a fantastic organization!  It takes the opportunity to teach Christ through sports.  Bottom line, every child is a winner.  Green stars are given out weekly at practice to teach the importance of scripture and devotional time.  Each week, after the game, various stars are given out to each player.  They consist of the blue star which represents best effort ; the red star best defense; gray star is best offense; gold start is best sportsmanship, and white star is most Christ-like. 

After the basketball season, we have an awards ceremony (which was tonight).  During the ceremony one child from every division is picked to receive a Gold Start Trophy.  This year, my Christopher was picked from the 1st/2nd grade division!!!!  I know, RIGHT!?!  I was caught so off guard I didn’t even have my camera ready, and I had TWO cameras I was taking pictures with! lol!  BUT, I got this one of Christopher with Coach Harry (directly behind) and Coach Sean (left) after the ceremony!

Last year, Coach Harry won the Gold Star out of all the coaches in the 1st/2nd grade division and THIS year, Coach Sean won it! 
Both of these men love the Lord with all their hearts.  Each year, God gives them special children to love on.  

With every sport Christopher plays, we are reminded of the challenges he faces and the challenges we were told he would never succeed in.

We were told by Christopher’s occupational therapist that because he has a “mid-line” problem (this was in 2009) . . his right brain and left rain were not talking together; he would write with his left hand on the left side of the paper, to the middle of the page, switch hands,and then finish the paper from the middle to the right . . . they said he would never be able to play sports because he would not (in his mind) be able to cross that mid-line of the field. Chris looked at her and said, “Well he’s playing soccer (UpWard) NOW and loves it!”

 God has a plan for my boy and I can not wait to see Him get the glory!