A friend and I were talking just yesterday about how education has changed in the 20 years since her brother had been teaching; and especially since our parents were children. Her words helped me process my role as a homeschool mom, “Twenty years ago, we all had to go to the teachers as our source of education/learning; today, the source is everywhere. Teachers have to work harder to make education interesting and bring in the facts.”

I started homeschooling my son that has Asperger’s in August of 2011.  I struggle with thinking outside the box; but am learning!  Maybe before he is too much older, I will be able to present education in a fun, practical, outside of the box, type of environment, instead of “all about books!”

For the last few weeks, my children and I have been checking daily on a Bald Eagle that was nesting.

Actually, we have been checking two sites, one in Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge  near Vian, Oklahoma (the most frequent one as eggs two of the three eggs had hatched when we started watching) and the other in Norfolk Botanical Garden in Virginia.  In the Virginia location, the male and female eagles have visited the site, but no eggs have been laid as of today.

The third egg at the Sequoyah site finally hatched on it’s 35th day!  The kids have seen both the male and female bird feed the eaglets AND have seen birds, fish, and duck brought in to feed the eaglets. 

It has been an amazing experience and has brought education to life!  We’ve all been sick during the last two weeks; and while we have not had the brain function to sit down and do “book work,” we have been able to learn about the size of a Bald Eagle egg, its gestation period, bring in a little History regarding the National Symbol, discuss the cycle of life and put the food chain in live action!  So, being sick has helped me to let down my “must cram all this in attitude.”

We have also visited the web site for Winter the Dolphin that the movie Dolphin Tale is based on!

I do hope you will visit these great links!  They have indeed, helped bring learning to life 😉