Kaitlyn and I were talking about Romans 3:23 last night.

As we were discussing it, she asked, “Is heaven REALLY REALLY big?!”

I answered honestly, that I have no idea just how BIG heaven is, but then proceeded to tell her about streets of gold and gates of pearls.

I then told her how we will be healed when we get to heaven.

The example I used was how Mammow couldn’t see well when she was alive; but NOW that she is in heaven, she has her eyes again!   Kayla’s eyes got big, “You mean Mammow that ALWAYS painted my fingernails couldn’t see?!”  I said, “No, she could see VERY little.” 

With that, Kaitlyn looked at me and asked, “Everyone is healed when they get to heaven?”

I said, “Yes.”  She then said in the most innocent, sweetest voice, “Even my itching will go away?” And with a lump in my throat, I said, “Yes, Kaitlyn, even your itching will go away.” 

Kaitlyn has a pretty severe sensory disorder. 

In 2009 approximately 1 in 20 children were diagnosed with SPD. 

She also has eczema; and with the temperature changes (low humidity) the itching and sensory is intensified. 

Others have said, “all this stuff is in her head.” 

I can assure you, this precious 6 year old little girl lives it every single day.

It’s real.

May I encourage you, if you know of a child with a sensory disorder, make it a point to encourage his/her momma and daddy.  It is an exhausting task to work through these issues day in and day.

We are fortunate.  We have friends that are always looking for ways to make our little girls’ life better . . . and often encourage us!  It will change their outlook, I promise!