We celebrated Christmas many days this year. 

Since I would be at Nothing Lost Outreach on Christmas Day, my husband and I decided to have our Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve Day.

Dad came over from Tallahassee, Ron and Michelle were here, Jon and Angie, Memaw joined us, and of course, my mom.  We had a wonderful feast!  I love family get-to-gethers and don’t think we have nearly enough of them!

During the last few weeks, my oldest, Kayla, has been preparing for a move to California to marry her fiance’ that is stationed out there.

We had a farewell dinner, but with the holiday’s, not all the family was able to join us; so we had a “second” Christmas feast/farewell dinner for Kayla this past Wednesday evening.  It was very special to my heart.

I took over 1,041 pictures over a three day period, and then more on Wednesday night! . . . Yes, I have a problem!

I am still working on all those pictures and will post them eventually; but I wanted to share the link to some pictures from Nothing Lost Outreach’s first Christmas.  While all the family events were wonderful, serving at NLO made my Christmas!

The link to the pictures is, www.nothinglostoutreach.blogspot.com

I trust you spent savoring moments with the Savior this Christmas Season, and for 2012, I wish you peace and closeness with the Father.