Several months ago I dropped my AVON customer load by half; keeping very few individual customers and mainly busyness’s and the two churches I participated in.

I kept the customer’s then because I have a special relationship with each of them; and honestly, I lived in fear of the “what if’s,” if I had stopped selling AVON.

I rationalized that “God would not be telling me to stop selling AVON when it is the only income coming in.  He just wouldn’t do that!”  So I continued. . . . . 

I continued to do what I thought others expected me to do.

In the last few months, we have had to make multiple, major car repairs on our only car.  We are putting in over $80 a week in gas alone; not including the wear and tear. 

I do not make enough selling AVON to even put gas in my car anymore.

As my work and homeschooling at home has increased and my place of service has been made known among the homeless, the once enjoyable time of selling AVON decreases.

A friend stated to me the other day, “Jesus was called many things, but He was never called busy.” 

Those words have changed my life!

They have radiated deep into the depths of my soul.

Have I continued selling AVON in direct disobedience? 

Have I been doing this in fear of what others would think if I stopped? 

Is me continuing to sell AVON the reason the heaviness lies over me?

These are the questions I have been running through my heart and mind for days and even months.

I am asking God to give me a confirmation that would be ever so evident.  I am asking God to give me a peace about what I believe He is showing me and that there would be no guilt.

Please join me in praying for the clarity and peace that can only come from The Father.

Thank you for interceding for a weary heart!