When the Lord put a clothing ministry on my heart; I had no idea all the “wow” moments He would give me.
As clothing items are donated, there are some that need minor repairs; patches, hem pants, etc.
Only one problem.
I can’t sew.
Sure, I can put a button on here and there; but anything else; not gonna happen. While it has been my hearts desire for years to learn, it hasn’t been until this new season that the desire became a fire.
I took a sewing machine my mom had given me many, many years ago, to a friends house. She worked and worked and worked until finally all the “goo” (and it was nasty “goo”) was gone and the machine was working . . . . well, sorta. One of the bobble thing-a-ma-gigs wasn’t winding up something (see, I REALLY have no clue!).  After further investigation, the piece couldn’t be repaired.
While I was disappointed that the machine wasn’t going to work, I was still excited to watch and learn.
My friend spent several hours on her only day off working on the machine and then teaching me how to make stitches by hand in order to hem pants and make minor repairs.
While sitting at her dining room table, the Lord showed me just what was really happening.
Nothing Lost Outreach was happening.
This woman, took time from her family to help me, in order that I might help someone else through NLO. She didn’t have to go to Ensley Baptist and serve; she didn’t have to make bags, she didn’t have to donate; she was simply serving and doing in the area she has been called to do.
God wants our obedience, not our sacrifice.  🙂
With the clothing donations increasing, and my time becoming less and less; God showed me I was going to need help.
If you read a few days back, you know the phobia I have of people coming in my house.
Two days after posting that, I had three different people “pop in.”  (Yes, God is definitely taking me to new areas of trust, love, and vulnerability (oh I don’t like that word . . . )
So, today, a new friend (just met today) and an old friend came together to help me with all the donations.  I was able to do Christopher’s schooling while they worked and worked!  They sorted enough that I will be fill many orders for this Sunday!

Indeed, what He has called us to do, He will equip us to do 🙂