I spent my morning making my Thanksgiving Day Menu and grocery list before heading out to clean a house today.

While making the list, my husband, who makes my coffee FAITHFULLY; Every.  Single.  Morning.  (that he does NOT drink) announces that I am out of coffee.

I cringe every single time he tells me because I feel so guilty purchasing something that no one else will enjoy.

I finished making my list for Thanksgiving Dinner, without adding the coffee and went to clean the house.

I was actually scheduled to clean this particular house last week, but wasn’t feeling 100% and had a crazy schedule, so rescheduled for today.  (You’ll see the importance of this in a few.)

When I walked in, there was a note next to my check.  Next to the note was a bag of coffee.

The note read,

I was so excited that the Lord met a need; and without me even asking! 

When I called to thank her, and to explain the events of the morning (making the menu/grocery list); it hit me. . . . . This person, while a dear friend, had no idea I needed coffee.  All she knew was God had put it on her heart to give me the coffee.  What’s even more amazing is that IF I  had gone to clean the week before; God probably would have still blessed me with having the coffee, but it would not have been an immediate need!  

While leaving the message of gratitude and how she was used to meet a need; the emotions and tears started. 

In that moment, God sweetly and gently whispered, “I love you.” 

THEN the water works REALLY started! 

Have you ever had a squalling moment that you just couldn’t control?!  Where you are so touched by the very Hand of God that you just can’t control the tears? Where you realized just HOW special you are to the Father?!

That’s what happened to me today.

Over the next two hours I spent time laughing, crying, and rejoicing. 

I realized just how much “He loves me.”  (And I am sure He loves me more than I think He does; but for me, this moment, it’s pretty big!)

The word, “love” became my focus as I continued to clean. 

I started wondering how many times the word love is mentioned in the Bible. 

When I got home, I did a word search. The word love is written in the Bible (based on one search),  697 times in the New International Version.

My favorite love verse is one known by just about anyone, “For God so loved the world (the people) that He gave His only son, that whoever (any one person) believes in Him, will not perish, but have eternal life.” 

Do you know that God loves you? 

God has shown His hands of provisions time and time again over the last 15 months.

He showed it to me again today.

I am just in awe, still. 

God cares about the big, the small, the tiny secrets of hearts desires.  If it is important to you, it’s important to Him.

After all, as He showed me today, He even cares about my coffee!