I have marked down all my naturals products to $1.00. They are mismatched scents and items. The items include shower gels, lotions, sprays, and hand sanitizers.
Skin care marked down to below 75% off (which is WELL below my cost.)

Eye shadows, blue eyeliners, lip sticks and lip glosses marked down to $2.00.

Assorted fragrances are marked down to $5 and $10.00.

Moisture Therapy Intensive Hand Cream ($2.00) have 1.

Moisture Therapy Lotion, $3.00

 Foundations . . . too many to list marked to $4.00

 Skin So Soft Lotions shower gels are $1.00 and $2.00.

IF you are interested in the inventory items, you can email me, call me or make arrangements to come by and look at what I have.

I have had many ask if I will be doing gift baskets again this year; I can not. I picked up that cost last year and simply can not do it this year. HOWEVER, I do have assorted gift bags. If you see an item or items in the book; I will gladly provide a gift bag (not an AVON one, an actually gift bag) and tissue for $1.00.

Walking in Victory,