I have been asked by many people over the last few weeks what needs there are at Nothing Lost Outreach. This is a lot of information; BUT, many have asked for it.
View this video if you are wondering what Nothing Lost Outreach is all about.

Please print this off, put it on your refrigerator or in your Bible. If you aren’t able (or if God hasn’t put this ministry on your heart to provide), then please pray for NLO. Lives are being touched and changed for eternity. I have “awe-bumps” just thinking about it!

The following are several lists of needs; from weekly, special needs, food items, paper good items . . .etc.

The following are the items used each week in the toiletry kits:
1) Wet wipes or soap
2) Toothbrush
3) Toothpaste
4) Q-tips
5) Deodorant
6) Travel size OR large shampoos & body washes
7) Razors
8) Shaving cream
9) Quart size plastic bags

Special needs (given upon request by our NLO guests):
1) Insect repellant
2) Chap stick
3) Sunscreen
4) Feminine hygiene products (pads, liners, etc.)
5) Socks
6) Underwear
7) Mouthwash
8) Toilet paper
9) Athlete’s foot spray
10) Antibiotic ointment
11) Band-aids

Items needed for Winter:
1) Blankets
2) Coats
3) Tarps
4) Tents
5) Hats
6) Gloves

Other items needed (for the shower trailer):
1) Towels (used or new)
2) Wash cloths (used or new)
3) Laundry detergent

Food Donations
Heavy Divided Paper Plates
12 oz paper cups
Utensil Packets
Little Debbie Snack Cakes
Individuals Fruit Cups (Cans)
Brown Paper Bags for their 2nd meal
Sandwich Bags

Clothing Donations:ALL SIZES . . . . CHILDREN’S AND UP!
NEW Underwear for children and up!

The temps are beginning to drop. Every Sunday, our guests are putting in orders for sweat shirts and sweat pants and jackets.

ALSO, we will be serving on Thanksgiving Day! The meal will be served at 11:00. We need servers! Please let me know if you are going to help as we need to be able to plan!

God might not be calling you to come pray with our guests, or even serve; but maybe He is calling you to donate or maybe, He is calling you to the biggest honor of all . . . . to intercede in prayer!

I challenge you to be obedient in the areas in which you have been called (regardless of the ministry or outreach).
When you provide, you become the hands and feet of Jesus!