While Escambia County has no school today; “The School of Hard Knocks” (Christopher’s homeschooling) does.

Christopher hates to have to write or repeat work that he has already done (and if he already knows the work, forget it). 

While trying to be creative this morning (as I struggle with thinking outside the box) and “change things up” for him, I said, “Christopher, you don’t have to write the same word back to back, make one list and then another.” 

To that suggestion, his eye balls got huge, his finger goes in the air, and he says. . . . . .


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Give me another pencil!” 

(Yes, he writes with both his hands!)  He wanted to write the list once, with both hands so he gets both writings done quicker!  

How he comes up with these things is beyond me. BUT what I do know is my God made him so special; and with a brain that thinks “outside the box.”

Christopher’s new psychiatrist has diagnosed him with a form of “brain damage.”  While I and others do not agree with this diagnosis; it is what it is. 

When Christopher was 3 years old and started occupational therapy, his therapist noticed that Christopher had a “mid-line” problem.  What that means is, he would start writing with his left hand, reach the middle of page, switch to his right hand and continue writing with his right hand to finish to line of work. 

Because of this, an MRI was done in 2009.  In the MRI, it was found that the Corpus Callosum part of the brain (the part of the brain that connects the right and left brain functions), was under developed.

We were told that people with this under-development would never play sports.  Well, if you know me or my son, then you know that Christopher is a VERY active little boy that plays EVERY sport we can get him in!  He plays soccer, basketball, and t-ball! 

What man says is impossible, God makes possible!

The Bible tells me that I, (all of us) am (are) fearfully and wonderfully made. 

In fact, the scriptures say that “I am to praise God because I am fearfully and wonderfully made!”   Psalm 139:14

When I question Him, and criticize Him for how He made me, or question why He made Christopher with so many problems; I insult my Father in Heaven.  I never realized that before today.

Precious time and thought went in to how He made me.  How He made Christopher.  How He made each of us.  Who am I to argue with that?

“Father forgive me when I complain of how you made me, nit-picking about parts and not thankful for how you designed me.  Use me for your glory.  May I never be ungrateful or complain again.  I love you, Lord.  I praise you.  I trust you and I trust your plan.  So be it, Jesus.  Amen!”

Basking in His goodness,