Today has been a good day. 

We got to meet Kayla’s boyfriend. 

My dad found out yesterday he would be able to come for lunch today, but not for a late dinner; so we kept it a secret and she got the surprise of her life.  Dad parked two doors down so she wouldn’t see his Suburban.  What made it even more special was my brother sent me a text, literally thirty minutes before Kayla got home, saying he was coming! 

Having my brother and sister here, with my dad just made my day! 

I was really surprised it came together like it did!  The least amount of planning and WOW!

Kayla was sooo surprised!  She came in, started down the hallway to her room; then dropped her bags and came back with the BIGGEST grin!  (I know, the pictures are very blurry, but she was moving so fast I just couldn’t do anything about it!  BUT the look on her face when she saw her Pappow was PRICELESS! 

My baby girl ๐Ÿ™‚

She loves her Pappow!

Pappow with Christopher and Kaitlyn

 Michelle adores her big brother ๐Ÿ˜‰
“Get your education, Kayla . . . Listen to an old man whose been there and done that!” (lol; just kidding on the “old man” part, dad!   
Can you see the look on her face and tell me what she’s thinking?!  Hmmmmmm.
I laughed at this picture . . . “The Stand-off!” 
Christopher, “Now that’s my sister in there . . . ” 
Jacob, “Yeah, and that’s my girlfriend in there . . . “

Pappow with his grand kids:)
Kayla with Jacob
We also went to eat at LaHacienda for dinner, in order for the rest of the family to meet Jacob.  I do have pictures from there, but will add those later.  I am having to add each picture one at a time and my computer keeps freezing.
Please pray for Jacob and Kayla as they drive to his home to meet his folks tomorrow.
While today has been very nice and we have enjoyed Jacob’s company; my mind has shifted over and over to the date.
October 13, 2011.
Today, is my step-brother, Jack D. Crabtree’s birthday.  While he is no longer my “step-brother,” he is still a valued part of my heart.  I haven’t had any contact from him in 27 years.  Just remembering brings tears to my eyes.
The last time my dad (Major John Bruntlett, USMC, Weapons Battalion) saw Jack, was when he was in boot camp at Paris Island.  Jack was in week eight or nine of training when his unit started weapons training.  When dad did get a chance to speak, Jack’s response (and any body that has been in boot camp will understand this) was “SIR, YES SIR!” or “SIR, NO SIR!”  No communication further than that.  Dad would never interfere with the training of a Marine.
I think of Jack often, as does dad.
Happy Birthday, Jack!  I pray your day is blessed and touched by the hands of God.