My kids have an amazing pediatrician.  God did good when He put her in our path.  She has been taking care of my children’s medical needs since they were two weeks old.  When the babies were born, we then started taking Kayla there as well.

She has become a trusted friend and confidant in regards to my children and counseled me in many areas of parenting, and just been an overall encourager to me. 

I say all that because of a song she posted on my facebook wall months and months ago (see . . . . she is much more than a doctor) while dealing with the struggles of raising a child with Aspergers.

Since the first time I heard the song, I have loved it.  What’s amazing is hearing the song right when I need it most!

I cried while listening to the words . . . the same words I have uttered over and over to the Lord, “I’m not strong enough for this, Lord.  I can’t do this . . . ”  Please scroll down and mute my music player to hear this song.  I pray you will make it your hearts prayer unto the Lord.

As you will hear through the words of this song (and as scripture tells us), we don’t have to be . . . “Strong Enough”  for any of life’s challenge . . . . 

Not sure what it is you are experiencing right now, but what I do know, is He is strong enough!

Continuing, to Walk in Victory,