Just a quick note about how important detail is to my God.

This morning’s reading from “Jesus Calling,” referred to judging.  NOT just about being judgemental towards others, but to ourselves.  I had never thought about it like that; but sometimes we really can be our worse critics! 

I was reminded the purpose of why I was created, to KNOW Him and to LIVE in rich communication with Him.  That by me continually judging and being self critical, I am putting a hold on what He can do! 

One of the scripture readings from this morning came from . . . . oh my goodness.  This very second, when I went to double check the scripture reference, I realized, while I read the devotion for today, I read and studied the scriptures for TOMORROW!

This is even “WOWER” than I thought!  See, the scripture reference I read is from Psalm 89:15, “Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, O Lord.”

The REASON this is so WOW is because of our mail.  Yes, our mail.  I forgot to check it last night.  When my husband came in from taking Kaitlyn to school this morning, he had a hand full of mail.  In it was a card from a friend.  Inside the card was a card.  It read, “I will walk with You, Lord, through the enemy’s attack, knowing that YOUR LIGHT on my path signals my certain victory.”  (Stormie Omartian). 

OH MY GOSH!  DO YOU GET IT?!  God purposely led me to read the wrong (but correct) scripture for today, He purposely let me forget to get my mail (so I would read it this morning WITH the WRONG scripture!)  OH MY GOODNESS!

As I pause and take it all in, because literally as I’ve been typing the Lord revealed this all to me, I am overwhelmed with emotion as to how much my God loves me.  I don’t say that arrogantly, but thankfully. 

We are going through a tough time.  We are months away from losing, having to sell our home.  I’ve shared this with very few.   After sharing this with my friend, weight loss mentor, and spiritual trainer (I bet she didn’t know she was all that! lol) I received a link to this web site.  Tears flowed as the Lord spoke to my heart and showed Himself to me.  When people would ask me how I am, my answer, “I’m waiting on my ram.” 

Again, just yesterday, a friend called me.  She had been out of town.  She began to share with me how God had put me on her heart all week.  The more she prayed for me, the more the Lord brought to mind Abraham and Isaac (if you read the link to the web site  you should be covered in awe right now!  So if you didn’t read it, go read it now!).  She said, “Stacey, pray that God would show you step by step, not the entire picture.  Do what Abraham did with Isaac.  Abraham trusted God each step of the way.  Abraham didn’t know the end of the store, but He knew to take the next step.” 

All I can do is sigh in aweness and comfort right now.  I am out of words.  Speechless. 

I will end in this.  I don’t know what it is you are going through, but what I do know is that it is real.  No one else ‘might not get it,’ it might seem petty to some and unbelievable to others, but to you it is real.  May I encourage you today to know that you are valuable.  You are precious.  Nothing you are going through has caught Him by surprise.  He has a plan.  If something is important to you, I can assure you, it is important to Him.

One of my favorite scriptures; one the Lord used to promote healing through the first two years of sobriety is Genesis 50:20.  He has reminded me of this scripture three times this week (and it’s only Tuesday!). 

Genesis 50:20 says, “What others meant for evil against you, God means it for good, to bring about His glory.”  (That is my translation . . . so please look it up for yourself.)  In recent years, the Lord revealed to me verse 21 of that same chapter.  It reads, “I will provide for you and your little ones.”

Seek His face.  Walk in His light.  Ask Him to reveal Himself to you this very moment.  I did this morning, and as you can see, He showed up.

Jeremiah 29:13, “You will find me, when you seek me with all your heart.”

Continuing, to Walk in Victory,