At one point, I was going to use Florida Virtual for Christopher’s homeschooling.  After having difficulties going through registration process, I decided against it.

For the last two weeks plus weeks we have been using a free online curriculum called, Head of the Class.  Christopher loves the computer interaction!  With his fine motor skills being poor, writing is a constant battle.  However, with this program, it gives a great balance.

In the program, not only is Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Geography, and Spelling a part of our weekly schedule, but so is Art and Music!

Through the school district, Christopher is also receiving speech three times weekly and he is attending PATS once weekly.

It has been a great experience thus far!

Today, we had an Art project.  Christopher loves to paint, draw, cut, etc and I am able to work on his (and Kaitlyn’s) sensory issues without them knowing it; hence less of the fight!  Today’s Art lesson was on sponge painting.  We waited until Kaitlyn got home so she could be included as she enjoys painting as well.

I cut up sponges in various shapes as we were instructed.  Using a sponge, use blue paint to cover the paper.  We used a canvas because we buy them when they are on sale super cheap!

They then chose the color green they wanted to make grass.  Instead of using a sweeping motion as with the blue paint, they were to blot the paint.

 Kaitlyn’s looks yellow, but it’s a pale green.

We then used brown paint and a long piece of sponge for them to make the tree trunk.  A long skinny sponge piece was used to make the branches.  I think it is amazing how two children can have two completely ideas on the same project.  I just love how God designs each of us uniquely!

We were then instructed to use fall colors to use a smaller sponge piece to make leaves.  We used a burnt red (I just love that color!), a mustard yellow and an orange shade.  After they dabbed a few places with assorted colors, we thought we’d try blending the colors some and it worked great!

 TADA!!!!! Kaitlyn’s finished product! 
Kaitlyn placed leaves falling on the ground in her painting . . . .
 . . . . while Christopher wanted a lot of leaves as they were falling.
Notice the figure under the tree.  That’s someone sitting reading a book under the tree!
He came up with that all by himself.
 For some reason Christopher didn’t want to stand next to his sister for this picture, but I’ll take what I can get when I can get it!
Once again, Mammow’s table being used to make more memories!
I don’t know about you ,but I am SO ready for some fall weather!  Their paintings got me ready to pull out the fall decor!  We have had record highs of 100 degrees here; yet after Tropical Storm Irene passed we reached a record low of 60 degrees!  Between earthquakes, hurricanes, and crazy weather, I find myself yearning more and more for the day that Jesus will make His return!  Be ready my friend, be ready!  Know that you know that you know!  If you want to know Jesus, please leave your name and email information and I will gladly share with you how!
Continuing to Walk in Victory,