As I was reading this article I saw so much of our home life; yet so different.  Even the similarity in my kids by physical appearance.  The questions/concerns she faces, we all face; but add a child that is “different” increases the cares and concerns. 

It is my hearts desire to educate individuals about autism.  It is not a discipline problem.  In fact, our new counselor has insisted we not spank Christopher, EVER!  This is completely opposite of how I was raised as a child and Biblical teachings; HOWEVER, with most children that have Autism/Asperger’s/PDD, they also have sensory disorders.  Touching a child in a melt down only intensifies the situation.

Please take a few minutes to read a post about “The Death of a Dream, but a Life of So Much More!” post I came across by accident (Click the link below).  If we (I) ever get to a position where we are unwilling to learn or educate ourselves about the ones we are living with or the family members of those we love, then we are ignorant.

“God may I NEVER take for granted what you have given me.  When I become judgemental, remind me.  Teach me, grow me into Your image I pray.  May I love as you love and may I be a light and encouragement to other mom’s (and dad’s) that are struggling.   I love you, Jesus!  Thank you for seeing us through every step of the way.  You are my rock.  You are my shield.  You are my strength.  You are my ALL in ALL!  So be it!  Amen!”

The Death of a Dream, but a Life of So Much More!

Thanks for reading this post.  You be blessed today!

Continuing to Walk in Victory!