Took the kids out to the beach today to check out the waves from Tropical Storm Lee.

My camera lense kept getting dirty from all the sand and salt. . . . nonetheless, the waves were impressive!

Kayla couldn’t walk down to the water, but she did get to talk on the phone with her sweetie while I took the kids to the water.

Hoping to get back to the beach Sunday as they are calling for 14′ waves!

 Kayla braving the wind and trying to NOT fall . . . . again!  😉
 Christopher is struggling to walk into the wind as is Kayla!
 Christopher getting “cowectibles!”  (Seashells)

 Kaitlyn !

 We ran into Angie!  “Don’t take my picture!  I’m a mess!”
 Angie, “Here, take a picture of my wet shoe!”  LOL! 

 Wind surfer on the sound side!
We’ll head back out tomorrow to see some of the 14′ waves they are forecasting. 
Walking in Victory,