Its been a crazy week two weeks.  I am amazed how missing one simple week of watching what I was eating and missing my Bible time can do to a person. 

We were blessed beyond words to have my Sunday School class provide meals for us during the first week of my surgery . . . . GREAT FOOD!  Good, SOUTHERN food!  The only liquid I could keep down was Sprite and then taking the steroids for the shingles outbreak has left for weight gain and degreased will power. 

I had hoped once I was able to get back to my journaling and Bible reading my spirit would be encouraged and I could get back on track.

That hasn’t happened.

In fact, my exhaustion has left my journaling to scribbling . . . the littlest effort to do anything leaves me moaning and groaning to lie in the bed and sleep.
Very discouraging. 

Not only has my will power to lose dwindled, but my walk with the Lord seems to be swayed. I can’t even explain it; it’s like I go to surgery . . . walking and talking with the Lord, everything is fine . . . heck everything was great! Then when I return after not being able to do anything for a couple of days it’s like He’s distant and “non-social.”   Some of my journaling days I have simply uttered (written) His name . . . . “Jesus.”
My hope, and my belief is once I have recovered 100%, not only will my soul be refreshed, but my desire to be well and healthy will return.  Please join me in praying for this.

Physical Therapy is exhausting, but good.  While the stretching hurts terribly, the stretching also FEELS SO GOOOOOD!  That sling is about to get on my last nerve!  lol!    I so look forward to being able to go without it!  In fact . . . ssshhhhh . . . it’s off right now!!  I just can’t type with one hand any longer and it is stinkin’ hot here in Pensacola!  Today’s high was 100!  We broke heat records this day; the day I decide to . . . . sssshhhhhh . . . . . break free and make some returns and pick up a few items from the store.  A person can only stay inside for so long, right??!!  And I’m not taking pain medications, so driving with one arm isn’t that bad . . . .right?!

While I was out today, I took Christopher to the Police Department.  Sgt. Donohoe has initiated a program called, “Take Me Home.”  It is a program that puts children who wander, or adults with Dementia/Alzheimer’s in their computer system, so if they were to wander, and the officer’s find them, they have a name and contact information to reach the parents, along with their photo.

Christopher Homeschool 016

Christopher Homeschool 018

Christopher Homeschool 019

Christopher Homeschool 020

Christopher Homeschool 021

I am so thankful for Sgt Donohoe and his vision of protection for our children.  To view the news clip from WEAR3’s “Angels in our Midst,” you can Click Here!

IF YOU have a child who wanders, or a parent with Dementia/Alzheimer’s, take a few minutes and save their life.  You’ll be glad you did Smile

Continuing to Walk in Victory,