Was thrilled beyond words when I stepped on the scale today and saw a 5 pound weight loss taking me down 38 pounds!  Moving more and making better food choices really paid off!

I shared with a friend this morning the many areas of healing the Lord has begun working on during these last nine weeks.

When I first started out, the last thing I wanted to do was journal.  The last thing I thought I would have to do is deal with those issues I had stuffed so deep.

Just yesterday morning in my devotional, the Lord spoke of a hardened heart and those deep secrets that suffocate Him out.  A hardened heart is like a garden being over run with weeds.  It eventually suffocates whatever it is trying to grow.

So thankful for the love and encouragement from my mentor that has become my friend.  So thankful the Lord has plucked, pulled and yes, even dragged me through some tough issues in order for me to begin healing.

Just this morning I said, “Lord, if didn’t lose another pound, I’m OK being me.”    Now that my friend, is HUGE!

Continuing to Walk in Victory as I seek Him daily,