All I hear lately is how mean I am.  I remembered a poem I heard once and began searching for it.  I can’t find the exact one, but found this one and another one (I’ll post others later. . . have to go be mean again lol!).  This is closets to what I was thinking.

SOOOO, to ALL the MEAN mommy’s and daddy’s out there, KEEP BEING MEAN! 

Mean Parents

Mean parents never allow candy or sweets

to take the place of a well balanced meal.

Mean parents insist on knowing where their

children are at all times, who their friends are

and what they do.

Mean parents break the child labor law

by making their children work. . .

washing dishes, making beds, learning

to cook and doing other chores.

Mean parents make life miserable for their offspring

by insisting that they always tell the truth.

Mean parents produce teenagers

who are wiser and more sensible.

Mean parents can smile with secret delight

and pride when they hear their own

grandchildren call their parents “mean.”

What the world needs now are more “Mean Parents.”
Seek Jesus first my friends and everything else will fall in place!
Walking in Victory,