I weighed in on Friday and was THRILLED to have lost three more pounds!  I truly believe the Lord honored my prayers of “show me what to do Lord!”  I can’t say I stayed under my sugars every day; but when I did go over it was from eating fresh fruits.  It’s all about balance.  I am also trying to try a new food every week.  My food palette is limited and it is my hearts desire to expand it.

The 23rd of July (yesterday) brought me to eight weeks of this new journey.  I asked my husband to take pictures so I could see the results.  While I CAN see the difference in the clothes I have been wearing, I have not been able to see the difference looking at myself.  So I am excited to see them when I upload and compare!

May 23, 2011



July 23, 2011                                                      
Well I can definitely see some change!  Still have a long way to go; but thankful for the progress!  I’ll do another picture update in eight more weeks 😉  
Walking in Victory,