Christopher has been in group therapy for four or five weeks now (meeting weekly) which was not benefiting him at all.  Parents were not allowed to come in to the group; therefore the children are able to say whatever they like without verifying facts with the parents. That obviously doesn’t work!

After speaking to his group counselor on the phone several times, she recommended individual therapy.  This thrilled me!  FINALLY I can get some help with how to discipline a child with special needs!  YAY! 

We met with his new therapist on Thursday.  She asked, “Does Christopher have chores?”  I answered, “Yes.”  She said, “That’s great, but we are doing away with rewards for chores.  His behavioral issues are more important at this time.” 

Sooooo, this week we started with three areas that desperately need working on and his rewards for such.

1.  Christopher will not bully.
If Christopher follows this rule 3 days a week he can have an ice cream and fly like an airplane in the pool.

2.  Christoper will not hit, bite, kick anyone or anything or run away from anybody.
If Christopher follows this rule for three days a week, he can choose a toy from the Dollar Tree.

3.  Christopher will not manipulate (tricky) anyone.
If Christopher follows this rule for two days a week, he gets a two hour date with either mom or dad.

She asked me how many days a week I expect this behavoir, I said, “Every day!”  She says I was being unrealistic.  That the goal is to work upward so he will succeed.  I thought, “duh!”   After we are able to meet these goals, then we will add days.

Friday was our first day at putting these “rules” (she calls it a behavoir contract) into practice.  Ya’ll, he did great!  He didn’t bully his sister or anyone else for that fact, he had control of his anger and didn’t bite, kick, hit or run away from anyone!  We did have some issues this morning with the kicking and manipulating, but was talked down much quicker; plus when he realized he lost day two out of three, he really piped up!  Hoping and praying things continue in this area!  Once we get his medications regulated I’m sure it will improve even more πŸ™‚

Thank you for keeping our family in your prayers; we treasure your continued ones.

Walking in Victory,