OK.  I have reached the place where the pounds are not melting off like butter. 

While I can now rejoice in the three pounds lost this week; I really struggled with disappointment that it wasn’t more.  I sure like those big numbers more than little ones! 

Not being content with the three pounds shows me I still yearn for that thing called, “instant gratification.”  Still haven’t conquered that one; maybe that is my cross to bear, or maybe that is was keeps me dependent on Him so I continue chasing Him?   

Regardless, I found myself reviewing my eating choices and questioning if I really thought/prayed before choosing certain foods.  As my mentor tells me, “Any number to the left is a good thing.”  She then reminded me, “It would be sad if we measured what God is doing by our standard.  He is in the process, fast or slow.”  Wise words from a wise woman!  I can definitely see the hands of God working in and through this journey.  I’ve been amazed at how many women I have been able to share it with!

It wasn’t until I got home that I realized how much weight I have lost, a total of 29 pounds!  My hearts desire was to be 40lbs lighter before I turned 40 in October.  IF I continue at a pound a week, I should make that goal, but with an impending shoulder surgery in the near future, I will keep my focus on a day to day victory, and not worry about what lies ahead!

Below is a picture of a baby cow, weighing 29 pounds.  While I can not look in the mirror and see the loss, I can see it in how my clothes are fitting!  When I was searching for pictures of lard and butter to visualize just how much I’ve lost, the only thing that kept popping up was 29lbs of pot or cocaine!  I figured I probably shouldn’t compare my weight loss to that though!  LOL!  So I opted for the baby cow!

Baby cow weighs in at 29lbs.

So while I struggled at first with a three pound weight loss, when I look at the big picture, those three pounds bring me a little closer to my goal, and THAT makes me excited!
Thanks for checking in with me as I continue on this journey!