I was a little unsure about today’s weigh in.  I found myself eating when I wasn’t hungry.  Now, what I was eating wasn’t all that bad, it’s the fact I was eating for comfort.  Regardless of what I am eating, if I am eating to gorge, there is a problem.  When my anxiety is high, I should call upon the name of the Lord, not the fridge! 

Still reading Made to Crave.  I re-read Chapter’s 6 and 7 because I needed to make sure I was ready for 8.  If I can’t remember what I read, I go back and re-read.  My journey for weight loss is more than the scales decreasing, buy my heart increasing.

When I stepped on the scales, I was prepared for it either way.  Last week I had to weigh in on Wednesday instead of Friday.  It had been 10 days since my last weigh in. 

When the scales registered a 7 POUND LOSS I did the happy dance!  Yes!  I DID!  It was not a pretty sight, but I still DID! 

Along with the thrill of the weight loss, I was given spiritual insight that put an extra skip in my step.

In the last 19 hours the Lord has given me the number 7 to symbolize and confirm an area that satan is waring against us (I won’t get into that at this point, but will soon).  Seven days, Seven pounds, Seven books.  The three together mean nothing, but combined, shows me the sovereignty of God.  That right there means more than the weight loss (of course the weight loss is wonderful, but seeing the hand of God in my life just comforted this girls heart beyond words.)

So, today, I am thankful for where I am; looking forward to where He is taking, and Resting in His faithfulness.

Walking in Victory,


I John 3:1