The other day the kids and I went on a scavenger hunt.  Ever since then I have had the pre-school song, Goin’ On A Bear Hunt on my mind, so tonight, I googled it!  Hadn’t heard it all the way through in years!

Anyway, I’m trying to find different things to do to keep the kids busy.  One of  the stories in Christopher’s Junior Bible teaches about Treasure’s, so we went on a Treasure/Scavenger Hunt.

Didn’t find everything on the list, but we had fun . . . . and we definitely didn’t see a bear!!

 Flowers were on the list . . . yes, these are weeds, but hey, Kaitlyn says they are flowers.  🙂
 I couldn’t help but take a picture of Christopher taking a picture of the gas flags! 
He carries his camera everywhere I will let him!
 He didn’t want to back up, so he was leaning as far back as he could!
 Looking for pine cones, acorns, and insects!
Christopher, as you can see, is still taking pictures!
 Yes, he took a picture of our new fire hydrant located down the road!

 So, we didn’t see ANY butterflies which is VERY unusual as we normally have them flying all around our yard!  My assumption is that I waited till too late in the day to find them.  Then it dawned on me, Kaitlyn had a butterfly on her headband!  LOL!
 Coming back from “under the hill.”  That’s what Chris and his family have always called the road that runs behind our house.  It goes into a dead end and then woods.  The kids love to go through there with their dad!

Multiple Pine cones!
 Can you tell how thrilled Christopher is?  He is ready to go home!
A Birds Nest was on our list, (not a squirrel’s nest which is what I am pretty sure this is); but I had to point it out the kids!
Strangely we didn’t see any squirrels! 

 Tree Moss was on our list.  We don’t have any near our house, so we pointed out the dead tree vines hanging from a neighbors house.
FINALLY once we got back from our journey, I pointed out the most obvious that is on our list, a bird’s nest!  This one is in the corner of our porch and is currently occupied by a beautiful finch 🙂