Its been a little, OK, a lot, crazy at the Paden household the last three days.  The kids are in VBS this week; but that hasn’t slowed it down any!  My sister has worked two days and then my nephew had an appointment, so we have had my niece and nephew every afternoon.  We have also had Nicholas here the last three afternoons also!  My sister says, “I’m her Nanny.”  I love her and love her youngins too.  So glad she and Ron moved down here so I get to be a part of their lives and my  kids can know their cousins!  They are all playing in the pool today.  Thankful for that investment with our “free money” from past due child support! 

 Hannah and Christopher

 Grayson, Nicholas, & Christopher

Kaitlyn & Grayson

Kaitlyn trying to force a smile and Grayson being silly!

 Nicholas and Christopher!


In between a house full of youngins, there have been multiple doctor appointments for Christopher.  He is being weaned off the Clonodine; his little body was fighting it last night as he slept hardly any and when he did it was very restless.  He’s having a tough day today with anxiousness and mood issues; but we have to get him free of the Clonodine before starting the medicatin for the restless legs.

We also had a visiter this week.   A baby bird fell out of it’s nest.  Momma Bird was going NUTS outside!  Not knowing what to do, I googled and found out to check and see if the baby will hold on to our fingers.  If so, it is a bird learning to fly and if not, it’s probably sick and was pushed out.  😦  I know, breaks my heart.  So, while the bird could grasp hold to our fingers, it was VERY wobbly and could not sit itself up . . . so, the web site I found said to put the bird back in the nest, if you can find it.  Couldn’t find it.  I went in my handy little greenhouse and got one of my hanging baskets with moss in the bottom of it, put leaves in it and hung the basket under the tree the Momma Bird was always in.  Ya’ll, Momma Bird took care of her baby!  I couldn’t believe it.  We watched her (from a distance) fly down to her baby and feed it for four days.  We went out to check on baby bird yesterday morning and it was gone.  Now, one of two things could have happened, either baby bird was finally able to fly and flew off to make it’s own nest, or an animal got it 😦  I’m hoping and believing after getting to see this amazing event, that baby bird flew off and is doing well. 

 This is the brand Momma Bird kept sitting in calling out to her baby! 
She flew away as this picture was taken, so I miss her 😦
He’s so ugly he’s cute!
Friday afternoon I had a “pop” in my left shoulder.  Yes.  It hurt.  Cleaned through it and have dealt with it through today.  The pain was so bad last night and this morning, I went on in to see the doctor.  He thinks I have a torn rotator cuff.  Yeap.  I have an appointment to see another doctor tomorrow and schedule an MRI.  Hoping it will heal without surgery and that I can go on with life.  All I can say is, it’s only Wednesday and I’m ready for a NEW week! 
On a random note, my daughter just pulled this song up Teenage Daughter, by Martina McBride.  I’ve heard the song before, but never seen the video!  If you have a teenage daughter, EVEN IF YOU DON’T LIKE COUNTRY MUSIC, YOU HAVE TO GOT TO WATCH THIS!  It is so true it is hillarious!  To think I thought I was the only one!  HA! 
Have a great one!