My oldest daughter and I love blueberries, so when I heard so many friends on fb talking about Touchablue Berry Farm, I just had to go.

Chris had to stay home to take his online mid-term for one of his college classes and Kayla was at the beach, so it was just me and the youngest two. 

I’m not sure what brought the conversation up exactly, but this is one of the conversations that took place while pickin’ blueberries this morning.   I am so thankful my children are aware of God, His Power, His son Jesus, and have questions that they can ask me.  I might not get it right in life and I may make a booger of things from time to time, but I know my Jesus, and I pray for the day my children ask Him to be Lord of their lives.

Christopher asked, “Mommy, how many “gods” are there?”  I said, “Oh there is only one God Christopher.”  Christopher, “Then how can he be in so many places at one time?”  Me, “Because God is soooo big, and so strong, he can be anywhere and everywhere at one time.”  Christopher, “Whoa.  That’s big.”  Kaitlyn, “Is he as big as the universe?”  Me, “God made the universe.  There was nothing, but God, and he made everything.”  Kaitlyn, “Why?”  Me, “Because God wanted to create something beautiful.  Then he made the heavens and the earth.  Remember the Garden of Eden?”  Kaitlyn, “Yeah.”  Christopher, “So how many Jesus’ are there?”  Me, “Only one.”  Kaitlyn, “Well, why can’t Jesus come back and die again?”  Me, “He doesn’t need to.  Jesus died for our sins.  He came back to life to show us how mighty he is, so we can believe him and trust him.  He doesn’t need to do it again.  But he loves us so much he did that for us.”   Kaitlyn, “So why can’t we die and come back to life like Jesus did?” Me, “Cause we aren’t God and remember the Garden of Eden, when Eve ate the apple from the tree of knowledge . . .” Kaitlyn interrupts and said, “ADAM DID IT TOO !”  (thought that was funny, she didn’t want the girl taking all the blame! lol!)  . . . anyway, ” when Adam and Eve ate from the tree, sin entered the world and part of that is dying.”  Both kids ended it, “Oh.” and that was it. 

That conversation made the entire trip!  What a great day!

Christopher, “not the camera ALREADY!”  Kaitlyn, “Cheese!”

“attenTION!”  Shoulder’s back, chest out!  Have no idea where that came from?!

 “Wow!  Look at all these berries!”


 Thumbs up!  Love that boy!

 “Look how many I got!”

 My beautiful sweetie baby!

 She’s really getting hot by now!

 The kids found a tree with hanging branches so they could sit in the shade and pick! 
They are so smart!

 She is ringing wet!
 “Christopher, let me see what you have.” 
He holds up one berry without even looking at me!

 “Look how BIG this one is!”
 Precious 😉

 Love this one 🙂

 The smile on her face says it all 🙂

 Row after Row of berries!

 Kaitlyn was impressed with the grape vines (I’m assuming that is what they are! lol) 
 Girlfriend was HOT!  Look at the sweat pouring off her!  She was thrilled to have 1 1/2 pounds of blueberries that she picked all by herself!  (And she doesn’t even eat them!)

You can see the sweat ring around Christopher’s shirt in this one!  He was thrilled to have his 2 1/4 pounds of blueberries!  (He doesn’t eat them either! lol)

 This was us; at the end of our day. 
Sweaty and stinky, but had to take a picture for the memory.