I am having to put in to practice this morning what I have been reading and studying the 22 days.

My son walks in and says, “Mommy, the toilet is bubbling and filling up all by itself.  Weird, huh?”

Well, it wasn’t weird to me and I knew exactly what it was, our septic tank needs emptying, again.

This makes the third time in two years. 

“Pee-ou!”  LOL!  Had to take a quick picture of this!
Christopher took this picture.  He said, “LOOK AT THOSE SHINEY WHEELS!”  He was impessed with them 😉
Kaitlyn took this picture.  She said since Christopher got to take a picture SHE should be able to take one.  She as sooo intrigued with the guy being in the tank (no wonder they charge soooo much!) that she took a picture of him in there.
On a serious note, the anxiety fills my body physically as I fight with every ounce of energy I have to not go in the kitchen and gorge on the fresh pan of brownies my husband made.

What I keep telling myself is this did not catch the Lord by surprise; He knows our finances better than even I do; He has met every need we have had before and we have NEVER gone without.

I will not lose victory in what has already been conquered.

I will continue doing as I have been called to do by the Lord as I continue to trust in Him.