So, I wasn’t going to blog until after my weigh in this morning, but I am so excited and thankful for this morning that I just couldn’t wait as I don’t want to forget anything that happened!

I love it when the Lord wakes me with a song in my heart and on my mind. This morning it just happened to be one of my favorites. You’ll have to scroll down and mute the music player I have playing in order to listen to this song. Many of you know it, but just in case . . . take a moment to relish in His goodness through worship. Glorious Day (Living He Loved ME!), Casting Crowns. So through my walk this morning this song continues over and over in my mind . . .

This morning many victories have already been made.  I usually ask the Lord to reveal one a day, and maybe He gave me so many this morning cause He already knows the outcome of my weigh in (lol), regardless I am so thankful.

1~ When my husband woke me at 4:45 a.m. I DID NOT roll over and go back to sleep!  That in itself is a VICTORY because satan was prowling last night ya’ll!  He came in the form of cats, children, my breathing machine, oh my gosh!  It was crazy!  Chris asked me (after up and downs for hours), “Are you still going to get up?”  I said, “Absolutely!”  The Lord honored my heart desires and gave me that victory right there over the evil one who was literally seeking to destroy my goal.

2~ My goal this morning was to walk either one mile or 30 minutes as this would only be my second time to walk in three years, and the first time was on flat ground at the gym, so I knew this would be different.  Now, for all you out there that are runners/walkers and have never been obese, you might look at that goal and cackle . . . and that’s OK.  For me, that was my goal.  The Lord had another goal in mind.  My husband tracked a mile for me around my house and what we (and his family have always called) “down under the hill.”  The street behind us turns into gravel and then goes from nice and flat to a HILL!  So . . . .  I did my stretching and praying and said, “Lord, I need your help here.”  He honored it.  I knew I had to walk for 30 minutes; so when I had already made 1 1/2 laps and got to the house at 25 minutes, I HAD TO KEEP GOING cause five minutes would mean I didn’t make my goal.  Which means I made my ONE MILE GOAL but also takes me to my THIRD VICTORY this morning!

3~ By the time I got through walking I had walked two complete miles in 41 minutes!   I didn’t die either!!! 

I still can’t believe it.  I had hoped for one, but He gave me two.  Several really cool things happened along the way.  Anyone that knows me knows I love birds.  Psalm 91:4 is one of my all time favorite scriptures and the Lord uses birds to show me the visuals of scripture all the time.  Ya’ll, there was not silence the entire time I walked.  Birds (and I know the early bird gets the worm!) were literally perched everyone singing directly over me.  I’d look up, there one would be on the line; look up again, there goes another one.

 But what really, really got to my heart was a flying “V” formation of birdsThere was four of them.

Let me explain, I heard a story several years ago about ducks and why they fly in the “V” formation.

Now, I don’t know if it is true or not, so just work with me here. . . . the reason ducks fly in the “V” formation is so their leader (the head duck) can hear them quacking, so the leader knows they are there, supporting him and encouraging him to not give up.  When I saw the flying “V” this morning, remember there were four of them, I had just started my second lap and my low back was killing me (I have degenerated disc); instantly the Lord said, “Stacey, The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, and your mentor are here with you, encouraging you, guiding you . . . praying for you.  You can do this.”  MAN!  You talk about water works!  I was squalling like a baby, walking down the street thanking the Lord for loving me so much He cares to show me.  Then I started laughing.  You know on all the weight loss shows how people get emotional and stuff while working out . . . well, I thought it was an act for good t.v.  I never got it.  Today I got it.  While working on my outside this morning, the Lord was working on the inside.  That makes me cry more with a thankful, thankful heart. 

So, now that’s I’ve written a book, I have got to go!  I just had to share in my victories and share in my special “God moments” this morning!

Chow for now,