We plant a garden every year . . . . that’s how I came up with the title of this blog and for my book.  Life is about pruning and pulling weeds.

Ths is our first year of growing corn.  It has been great!  Today, my husband picked the first ear; once the kids all got home, we picked eight ears!

My hubby 😉
Kaitlyn showing off our first ear of corn!
Christopher going in for the kill!  lol

This picture is a frog and a bug.
The bug is orange and about two inches above the frog’s head 😉
“Oh my gosh!  We have all this corn!?!”  Christopher could not believe it!  You can really see his snaggle-tooth in this picture!
Kayla even participated!
The bug moved to the other side!  lol!
Dinner!  It was the best corn I have ever had!
Yum!  Fresh Green Beans, Corn, and tomatoes in my salad!!
So thankful for the Lord’s provisions!  Amazing how He meets the needs of the family day by day. 
(Psalm 78:24!)
Hopefully next year the potatoes will grow!  This is the first year we have been able to grow zucchini at all!  Every day we pick 1 to 3, the most we’ve gotten in one day is 5.  Usually we have an abundance of squash, but this year, only a few here and there.  Regardless, it has been a joy to get out there and eat off the land . . . . so to speak.  I think of my Pappow often when gardening.  He’d be proud.