Today is day two of Christopher taking Vyvanse.  In relations to the ADHD, it is a miracle worker.  I was able to carry on a conversation with my son for the first time in I don’t know how long. 

We met with his doctor again this morning regarding the behavioral aspects.  He went from calm to frantic in the blink of an eye.  He bit me six times (these were warnings as he did not draw blood and only left teeth marks on one bite which after much rubbing eventually disappeared.)  He punched me in the arms, chest and head and then he punched me in the throat.  Forty-five minutes later, he snapped out of it, and started doing his homework again like there was no disruption at all.

It was explained to me that while Christopher does have high functioning autism, he is still autistic.  Each child with autism is different.  Each child responds to situations differently and uniquely.  For Christopher, he carries the behavioral part of autism strongly.  What I have learned is this has nothing to do with poor parenting skills.  Autism is just that, autism.  It is hereditary.  It can be treated and parents can learn new teaching methods to make their children and home better.

Christopher’s doctor has prescribed a low dosage mood stabilizer.  We are gradually increasing it over the next three days, then again on the fourth day.  The hopes of this is to level out his highs and his lows and give him a little stability.

I am thankful Christopher’s psychiatrist listens.  Many out there do not listen and just do what they want to do.  Journaling has helped us to pinpoint many triggers, while some still baffle us.  I will probably journal on here more so than on paper.  This will (one) allow me to not lose my journal by lying it down somewhere and (two) will allow me and my husband to learn from others that have walked where we are walking. 

I am soooo thankful for a pleasant day today.  I can not wait to see how God’s Masterpiece turns out.

Looking forward to tonight’s t-ball game and then the last one tomorrow. 

Continuing to trust in Him,