These are some of the fragrance sets, natural gift sets and miscellaneous items I will have on sale tomorrow morning.  This does not include the jewelry I have.  All items include tax.  If you see something you are interested in and are not able to get to the sale, you can email me at    The sale is taking place at 3540 Brookshire Drive. 

Reese Witherspoon Love Gift Set, includes fragrance, cosmetic bag, lip gloss, and fingernail polish, $30

Odyssey 4-pc set (spray, deodorant, softener, powder) – $12

Far and Away 4-pc set (spray, deodorant, softener, powder) – $12

Imari 3-pc set (perfume, lotion, deodorant) – $10

SSS (pink)5-pc set (bag, gel body oil, spray, shower gel, body lotion) – $16

Naturals Lemon basket (bag, shower gel, lotion, spray) – $18

Naturals Lemon set (bag, shower gel, lotion, spray) – $15

SSS (original) 3-pc set (lotion, SSS spray bottle, shower gel) – $12

Naturals Banana/Coconut Basket (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, lotion, spray) – $14

Naturals Banana/Coconut gift bag (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, lotion, spray) – $13

Musk Marine set (cologne, aftershave, deodorant) – $15

Haiku 2-pc set (spray, skin softener) – $10

Naturals Cucumber/Melon (butterfly tin) includes Shower gel, hand gel, ultra light moisturizer, lotion – $8

Imari Seduction 2-pc set (spray, skin softener) – $10

Footworks Sugarline 3-pc set in gift bag (foot scrub, lotion, refreshing spray) – $9

Footworks Sugarline 5-pc set in gift basket (foot scrub, lotion, refreshing spray, foot soak tub, scrub brush) – $18

Naturals Cucumber/Melon mini 4-pc set (hand sanitizer, lotion, shower gel, deodorant) – $6

Naturals Cucumber/Melon mini 3-pc set (hand sanitizer, shower gel, lotion) – $4

Naturals Vanilla 3-pc set (hand sanitizer, deodorant, shower gel) – $4

ANEW Platinum 4-pc set (serum, night cream, day cream, eye/lip cream) – $100

Individual Hand Sanitizers – $1

Individual Naturals Sprays/Lotions – $2

Naturals Shower Gels – $1.50

Naturals Mini Shower Gels/Lotions – $1

Footworks Lavender 5-pc set (2 clay mask, foot soak, treatment cream, midnight plum nail polish) – $11

Assorted fingernail polish – $2