While driving home from my son’s appointment with his doctor this morning, I hear a piercing, gut curling scream from the back seat.  I turn my head to see my six year old’s finger smoldering and smoke rising.  I panic and turn into the first parking lot I came to.  I have no idea how many lanes I crossed over nor who I cut off, so if it was you, so sorry.  The screaming is getting louder and louder.  I stopped in the middle of the parking lot, flung open the car door, grab my son and put my hand over the smoldering finger to try putting it out. 

It was horrible and the smell of burnt skin made me sick to my stomach.  I reach for my cup hoping there is ice in it.  None;  only the remnants of melted ice mixed with a flat coke from the morning drive to his previous doctor appointment.  So what do I, the only thing any mother would do, I grab the cup stick his hand in it! 

Aaaahhhh, the screaming subsides until I look down at his finger and said, “Oh Christopher, you burnt the meat of your finger!”  The crying gets worse and he screams, “I have HAM in my FINGER??!!” LOL!  I laughed; hugged my son while balling myself and thanking God for my precious son.

Christopher keeps his finger in the cup of coke until we get to the doctor’s office.  The top of his finger is blistered and the flesh on the very top is split and oozing.  It was nasty, but could have been much worse. 

We are keeping the tylenol and motrin in him every 3 hours to help with the discomfort.  I wish it would help with the patience and frustration levels we are all experiencing, but it doesn’t.  I can assure you though, I will be purchasing caps to put over the cigarette lighter’s in my car! 

It is nice to know that my son doesn’t, well, didn’t know what that was for.  There was a time I used my cigarette lighters constantly.  It’s nice to say I am free from that addiction 😉