I was so wowed by this morning’s devotion that I had to research it a little more.  I am copying word for word today’s devotional out of Sheila Walsh’s devotional “Good morning, Lord!”  I am adding links of the further study I did for the sermon and laminin. Please take a few minutes and read this; and listen to the teaching of Louie Giglio.  I’ve added the links in order for you to follow. 


Today I will slow down enough to notice your fingerprints on your amazing creation.

The YouTube sermon by Louie Giglio was amazing.  His subject was “The Greatness of God” and the information Louie shared does indeed point to God’s greatness.  Louie had met a molecular biologist who asked him if he were aware of the existence of a protein molecule in the human body called laminin.  (Google it and learn – and see pictures!) Laminin is a cell-adhesive protein molecule that literally holds our human bodies together.  The shape of this tiny protein molecule is . . . the shape of a cross.  Isn’t that amazing?  And this tiny form is multiplied many thousands of times over inside our bodies.  It can’t help but remind us that God is ever-present in our lives – even in the very marrow of bones!

(This imagine is not in the devotional.)

As if that scientific fact isn’t mind-boggling enough, Lana Bateman, our prayer intercessor at Women of Faith, told me about an article by a molecular biologist who is also a brilliant pianist.  He wrote that if you take the unique DNA strand that defines each human being and turn it on its side so that it resembles a piano keyboard, every human being has his or her own individual melody.  Just think:  God has written a song in your very soul.  That is as great a mystery to me as the fact that the cross is built into our DNA, and both facts are an overwhelming comfort and remind of our Creator’s love.  Yes, He loves you.  It is written into your very DNA!

I have researched this morning to find information regarding the DNA strand that resembles a piano.  I found these images:

This hanging sculpture is from an old, English birdcage-action piano.
It is 14lbs. Keys made by Sergeant and signed B. Maldy.