Got this email from a friend and customer. 
“Hey darling, Let me tell you the new precision glimmer eye liner, it is wonderful!  I used it with the big color eye pencil. First I used the blue smoke all over then I used the silver eye liner.  WOW! You girls can have as much or as little sparkle as you want!  This product would be perfect for the teens who maybe want to wear it on their friday night skating or us older gals going out with or husbands or boyfriends.  Just a little will do you. I even tried the celadon green pencil with the plum liner and it was gorgeous. Anyway just wanted to tell you.  Thank you for such a wonderful product!  I have enjoyed it and had fun using it. love diva”

AVON’s Precision Liner sells for $6.00.  It is on sale for $3.99 in camaign 5.  Lancome’s Precision Liner sells for $29.00 on HSN.  I’d say that’s a savings ANYONE can live with!