I am thankful when I learn something new, but usually embarrassed at how it came about.  The same is true today. 

Today I learned a little more about Grace.  Amazing Grace.

I’m not sure if I am the only one out there that does this, and I didn’t really realize I was doing it until yesterday, and then today it was put together.

The question presented in my devotional was:

“When, if ever, have you experienced for yourself the simple and soul-satisfying truth that God is enough?  Why don’t we believers experience that more regularly?” 

My answer, which after reading really didn’t completely answer the question was:

“Shamefully, I forget.  Doubt comes in because I know I have not done what I should do, or be.  Then I don’t think I should even ask for help, guidance, counsel . . . because I have no right to.”

THEN, in the middle of writing that statement, as if the Lord was speaking directly to me, He asked:

“So does that mean you have a right to ask “IF” you do good enough, or do everything right?”

My obvious answer, “No,” as that would take away from grace.  So why do I allow myself to fall into the lies from satan? 

All I know is the Bible tells me my righteousness is like filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6) so I can do nothing to stay in His good graces.  He also keeps telling me “I am faithful when you are faithless,” II Timothy 2:13.

So, today, I begin walking in the Grace and forgiveness He so graciously died for . . .the simple and soul-satisfying truth that God is enough.