The Winner of the ANEW Clinical Lift & Firm Serum is Brenda Bartley!

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Haven’t had a give-a-way in quite some time, and since we have a new product, thought I’d give it away!

I am giving away 1 ANEW Lift & Firm Pro Serum.  In 3 days 93% of women saw more lifted skin.  OVER TIME, it visibly restores youthful firmness to skin while providing a dramatically lifted look.  

These results are based on people that actually use the product and use it the correct way. 

The product sells for $54.  If you are interested in ordering this product, the item number is 453-510.
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The deadline to enter the give-a-way is 5:00 P.M. Central Time on Monday, January 31st.
Stacey Paden
Your AVON Lady!