We took the kids to Holland Farms in Jay, FL Saturday.  It was Chris’, Christopher, and Kaitlyn’s first time ever to a pumpkin patch!  Kayla and I had gone many MOONS ago!  She was a baby the last time she and I went.  In fact, I’ve not had a pumpkin since Chris and I got married!  Not sure why; I know I have struggled with Halloween the last few years, I hate it.  I try to put out some fall decor and try to persuade my kids from dressing up.  This year we are going to Pine Summit’s Fall Carnival and then their "Trunk or Treat" night.  This will allow them to play and have fun with it, but will keep me from having to deal with the evilness so many get in to.  What’s so crazy is Halloween is Kayla’s favorite holiday!  We are so opposite.  I don’t like anything scary, bloody or creepy sounding . . . she thrives on it!  AAAAGGGGHHHH!

Anyway, we had a great time at the pumpkin patch and enjoyed making memories in Paden Household this weekend!

I don’t know how to undo group pictures and have individuals so I can put captions under them, so will work on it later.

**Christopher and Kaitlyn cleaning their first pumpkins! For some crazy reason, we haven’t had a pumpkin since Chris and I got married! We had a family afternoon at Holland Farm’s in Jay, got pumpkins, boiled peanuts, and a hay ride for $5 a person, PLUS SOME GREAT COUNTRY AIR and PRICELESS MEMORIES!

**Kaitlyn, "I am NOT putting my hand in THAT!"

**cheese puff mouth 🙂

**Kayla being DANGEROUS with a CUTCO! RUN!