I experienced a pain today so deep I wanted to vomit.  I know that is gross, but there is literally no other way to explain it. 

I’ve driven by this particular abortion clinic thousands of times in the last 12 years, but, today it was different.

Yes, there were the normal picketers, but that is not what was different.

What was different, was seeing a white Ford Explorer, sitting at the exit/entrance, waiting on traffic to clear so they could pull out.

In the driver’s seat was a female.  In the passenger’s seat was a female.  She was bent over and crying, holding her stomach.  The very stomach that once held on to a new life. 

Even typing this my heart breaks for her.  I wish I could hug her, love on her; just to give her comfort.

My heart has been heavy all morning. 

This pain intrigued me to research.  What I found just absolutely clutters my mind.

For every second, that’s a second folks, 1.33 abortions are performed.

It is absolutely mind boggling, it’s heart breaking. 

Abortion Statistics