I started my day off GREAT!  Even did good through lunch; but by dinner time, I was starving.  Somehow I managed to not press the “submit” button when I was processing my Gulf Power payment the night before last.  Yeap.  They showed up at my house this morning.  Power was turned off at 10:30 A.M. and was not hooked back up until 6:50 P.M.!  There was no way I was going to cook in the house with the temperature over 90 degrees (INSIDE!).  The only reason we even got TuDo was because Kayla offered to pay for it, so . . . . . I gave in.  While I know I did eat more than I should have; I did not eat nearly the amount I usually do, so I’m OK with it.

My day started with:

2 cups coffee w/ 2 International Delight French Vanilla Creamers
     2 points


1 cup Fiber One Raisin Clusters Cereal
     3 points
with 1 cup fat free milk
     2 points

24 oz water

Daily Vitamins


2 slices Whole Wheat Whole Grain Bread
     2 points

3/4 TBSP Lite Mayo
     1 point

1 TSP Mustard

1 Slice 2% American Cheese
     2 points

2 oz Turkey Breast
   2 points



1 oz Pretzels
     1 point

Sprite Zero

16 oz water


TuDo Vietnamese 1 cup Fried Rice
     8 points

6 oz Teriyaki Pork
     5 points

4 oz fat free milk
     1 point


4 oz mandarin oranges in light syrup
     1 point

1/2 oz pretzels
     .5 point

Lite & fit Yogurt
     1 point

8 oz water


Total points used:  31.5

Total points allotted:  30

Total Weekly “Extra” Points:  35

Total extra points used:  1.5

Balance:  33.5